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Havergall Schools curriculum follows established educational principles. Activities are split into different groups to ensure that each child's needs are met in full.

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Havergall Schools Preparing our students for the future since 2001
Havergall SchoolsPreparing our students for the future since 2001 

Study Engineering

Rajesh Rangarajan is a Research and Development Engineer at Baker Hughes. He went to Havergall School and studied Engineering at Penn State University


What led you to study engineering? 

I want to bridge the gap between technology and customer needs. In order to be a strong and worthy bridge having technical expertise is necessary. Studying engineering gives individuals a better perspective of life and also the ability to branch out to do more.

Whereabouts do/did you study engineering? Would you recommend it? What insights would you offer into studying engineering in your institution?

I did my Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. The American education system trains their student to become leaders. Penn state gave me practical exposure to science and technology in addition to improving my interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes. The institution has the best career fair in the nation with over 150 companies having their booth. The institution is famous for mechanical engineering and very popular for Material Science and Engineering.

If you are already working in engineering, what is your career like? What do you actually do on a day to day business? 

I am currently in the Oil and Gas industry working as a Research and Development engineer. My role is to check for reliability in manufactured tools and parts and also design new tools for effectively producing Hydrocarbons from the earth. The Oil and Gas business is complex and me being in the service industry give a larger perspective of how things work before the end product reaches he consumer. With my engineering degree I intend to gain experience and slowly transition to a manager or upper management position.

If you are studying engineering, how do you feel about your future employment possibilities?

Staying in the field of engineering and technology definitely ensures job security. An engineer's opinion is very valuable and is often treated with respect. The degree is not just a feel good degree but also something very meaningful as it is the backbone for survival.

What are your future aspirations? How would you see your career developing?

My aspirations are to gain technical knowledge and eventually get my MBA in Marketing and Finance. A blend of technology and business will widen my horizon and I can either start a company or keep climbing the corporate ladder faster than anyone and eventually become the executive leader.

If you could share one thing with your younger self about pursuing engineering, what would it be?

It is the only field that can be transferred to any other industry or business in the world.